Comin’ At Ya!

Rocky Mountain Vibes’ 2nd baseman, Sergio Attwell, coming to whoop some ass (or something)…

…and, here is the ass, of Vibes’ manager Matias Carrillo, I guess he was coming to ‘whoop’

Anywho, Sergio Attwell whooped no asses, but did triple (these pics) knocking in a run

in last night’s 4-3 win over the Ogden Raptors (clever girls)

The Ghost Of The 2020 Season Opener

UCHealth Park, in 2019, on a dark and stormy night

Today was supposed to be opening day for the 2020 Pioneer League season. Our Rocky Mountain Vibes were traveling to Ogden, Utah to take on the Raptors. Well, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 season looks to be one of what might have been, for the Vibes, the Rookie Advanced Pioneer League, and all of Minor League baseball (hell, maybe even MLB).

Betcha Ogden has a bitchin’ giant ball of twine for tourists to gawk at

At least we have 2021 to look forward to..shit.

Toasty, I Am Your Father

Mr. Stay Puft – No. I am your father.

Shocked, Toasty looks at Mr. Stay Puft in utter disbelief.

Toasty – No. No. That’s not true! That’s impossible!

Mr. Stay Puft – Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

Toasty – No! No! No!

VADER - Luke.  You can destroy the Emperor. He has foreseen this.  It is your destiny.  Join me, and together 
 we can rule the galaxy as father 
 and son.  Come with me.  It is the 
 only way.

Mr. Stay Puft – Toasty. It is your destiny. Join me, and together we can rule this ballpark as father and son. Come with me. It is the only way.

Toasty – Okay.

He’s The Motherflippin’

Billy Christopoulos, starting goalie for the Air Force Falcons Billy Christopoulos, 2019 first-team all-Atlantic Hockey goalie Billy Christopoulos, Billy the Greek, plays his last home series this weekend at the Cadet Ice Arena against the Niagara Purple Eagles in the AHC quarterfinals.

We want to congratulate Billy for his great career at Air Force and thank him for planting the earworm that is the Flight of the Conchords’ Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros every time his name is announced. He may be Billy the Greek to Falcon fans, but he’ll always be the HiphopChristoulos to PengoSports. Thanks, Billy.

They call him the Hip-Hop-Christopoulos
Flows that glow like phosphorous
Poppin’ off the top of this esophagus
Rockin’ this metropolis
He’s not a large water-dwelling mammal
Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis?
Did Steve tell you that, perchance?
Mmmph, Steve

He’s the motherflippin
He’s the motherflippin
He’s the motherflippin
Who’s the motherflippin
He’s the motherflippin
He’s the motherflippin
He’s the motherflippin
Motherflippin’ Hip-Hop-Christopoulos

Bret McKenzie & Jermaine Clement

Sweatpants Santa

Look Kids! It’s Santa Claus!

Sox close out 2016 home slate with 4-0 win over New Orleans

Oh! That jolly old elf was hanging out at the Sky Sox spreading some Christmas cheer in September!

Sox close out 2016 home slate with 4-0 win over New Orleans

Wait a minute! What the hell is Santa wearing?! Are those AND1 brand sweatpants?

Sox close out 2016 home slate with 4-0 win over New Orleans

Yup. Dumpy-assed AND1 sweatpants. Dammit Santa! You ain’t even trying anymore!

Sox close out 2016 home slate with 4-0 win over New Orleans

And that’s not even a Santa coat. That’s just a sweat shirt. My world is crumbling down around me.

Sox close out 2016 home slate with 4-0 win over New Orleans

Buddy the Elf was right, you truly do sit on a throne of lies Santa.

Want Some Candy?

Want some candy? How about a baseball?



Thanks creepy dugout ball guy. Now I’m off-put. Betcha you got a real nice kidnapper van in the parking lot.

These Are Okay

When I’m good I’m okay, when I’m bad I’m also okay. I may be the okayest guy you’ll ever know. Here are several okay shots from this season:

Sox come back to top Round Rock 6-4

I count 6 peoples. That’s filling the frame!


Sox come back to top Round Rock 6-4

A PengoSports salute to feet.


Sky Sox walk it off over Nashville on Orlando Arcia's 3 run home run

Um. Somebody is out, or safe.

This Is Ed

This is Ed. Ed works for the Sky Sox.

09_05_001edsm_pkEd kinda looks stoned. Ed’s not stoned. Ed’s just Ed.

If you see Ed, say “HEY ED!” He’ll probably say “hey” back to you. Ed is like that.


Pete Orr, Sky Sox infielder and oh, SUPERVILLIAN! Yeah. That’s about right. Damn him and his hustle and stuff to help Canada beat the US 7-6 for the gold medal at the Pan Am Games in Toronto.

 Scoring from first on a wild pick-off attempt? Yup. Pete Orr has grit (and talent).

Congratulations to Canada. That was a hell of a game (and great job Pete! See you back with the Sox real soon).


Headshot Madness

Today is Opening Day of the 2015 Pacific Coast League season for the new look Colorado Springs Sky Sox!  The Rockies prospects are gone, replaced by some future Brewers we hope can help make us forget 2014’s 54-90 clinic in indifference and terrible baseball. Go Sky Sox! Go Brewers! Yeah baseball!

So, a new season means we got to take new headshots yesterday. Below, for comparison, are a few classic shots along with my favorites from this season. Check ’em out and let us know what you think:

Lebron James. His Jordan moment came with the Sky Sox.

Manny (Corpus) being Manny (Corpus).

OMG! I’m so flippin’ excited! I’m Christian Friedrich!

Duuuuuuuude! Charlie Blackmon (pre-epic beard).

And the Gold Standard of Sox headshots:

Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez! El Glaciar! El numero uno!

Now here are this year’s contenders:

Chris Perez’s “facing the wrong way” take on the headshot.

John Ely trying to out Friedrich Friedrich or out Edgar Edgar.

“Breathe In” with Nevin Ashley.

“I’m So Uncomfortable” with Pete Orr

Taylor Jungmann, “No. That’s so legal here. I’m cool” headshot.

“Don’t Forget to Smile” from Jason Rogers

“Near…far…wherever you are…my heart…” croons Bryan Petersen

Those are your 2015 Colorado Springs Sky Sox. Let’s make a contest out of this, Tweet your favorite to @PengoSports with the hashtag #HeadshotMadness. We’ll announce a winner by the end of the opening homestand and there will be much rejoicing and we’ll name an award after the winner. Yeah.

There’s Gonna Be A Gumfight!

On Sunday Colorado Springs Sky Sox manager Glenallen Hill tried to set up some sort of “gum trap” in one of the openings to the dugout:

Sky Sox skipper Glenallen Hill stretches his gum to the limit while setting a “gum trap”.

Perhaps a good idea in theory, but when you stretch anything to its limit something’s got to give:

(who’s lucky to have not lost an eye).

In the end no one was caught in the “gum trap” and “G” survived the break without gum on his face or in his hair. And if you’re curious, he threw the gum away afterwards instead of putting back in his mouth and re-chewing it. Just the way a gentleman should.

Smokey Bear Perp Walk

THAT’S THE ONE! HE DID IT! Take him away ladies…

Put a shirt on Smokey. You’ve really let yourself go.

…Maybe a little time in the Greybar Hotel will teach you not to show up Ranger Smith by stealing all them pic-a-nic baskets over in Jellystone Park!