What The Hell Was That?

In Monday’s 5-4 win over Salt lake, Josmil Pinto scored in the 4th inning to tie the game at 4. His high-five with Orlando Arcia was, um, interesting.

Sox eat the Bees 5-4

High five for you!


Sox eat the Bees 5-4

HIGH FIVE! wait. What the?


Sox eat the Bees 5-4

Hey. That’s no moon high five. That’s a space station your middle finger.


Sox eat the Bees 5-4

Dude. Really?


Here’s a little story about Sky Sox shortstop, and Milwaukee Brewers top prospect, Orlando Arcia (yes, he is the real deal) and his bat:

Sox eat the Bees 5-4

Bat hits ball. Ball goes up…too high…


Sox eat the Bees 5-4



Sox eat the Bees 5-4



Sox eat the Bees 5-4

Bat tries to say it’s sorry and jump back into Orlando’s hands.
Orlando is still too mad at bat.


Sox eat the Bees 5-4

Orlando leaves bat behind. Bat is sad. Bat is lonely.
Bat was a bad bat. Bat feels shame.


These Are Okay

When I’m good I’m okay, when I’m bad I’m also okay. I may be the okayest guy you’ll ever know. Here are several okay shots from this season:

Sox come back to top Round Rock 6-4

I count 6 peoples. That’s filling the frame!


Sox come back to top Round Rock 6-4

A PengoSports salute to feet.


Sky Sox walk it off over Nashville on Orlando Arcia's 3 run home run

Um. Somebody is out, or safe.

I Hate This Thing

I really hate this thing. It bothers me. Just look at them smug, evil eyes, those Uncle Leo eyebrows, and that smirk! Oh, damn that smirk! Die! You bastard! Die!

Sox2 Dodgers 8

(This is probably not be the reaction you want your Spokes-Jack to evoke in people).

LeBron & MJ Together Forever

Here are two of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, LeBron James & Michael Jordan, walking hand in hand in right here in Colorado Springs (Galley Blvd near Academy Blvd)!


Looks like they were heading to the Native Roots gas/weed station on the corner there, but who knows, they could have just been out for a walk, enjoying the weather on Friday the 13th.


Keep walking you two. We all know the NBA officals would never make that call on either of you.

Mother’s Day – A Salute To Childbirth

Here are Nate Orf & Doug Bernier, of the Round Rock Express, with their one act play, SALUTE TO CHILDBIRTH! A MOTHER’S DAY CELEBRATION!

Express top Sox 6-5

Express top Sox 6-5

Sadly the play closed after only one performance. Americans are just not ready for such graphic subject matter at their ballyards.

May the 4th Be With You

Hey. How’s it going? Hope things is good. So, anyhoo, today is May 4th and you know what that means? Yeah, it’s that one day that’s more annoying than Pi Day, May the 4th Be With You day.

So, to ‘celebrate’, here are some of the characters from the Star Warses that have haunted Security Service Field at Mile High over the years:


Star Wars Night at Security Service Field

Hey! Look! It’s good old Chewbacco! Man he has really let himself go.

Rrraw! Rrraw! Chewo!


Them Sand-Jawas think they’re people!

They’re trying to play baseball with their whacking sticks!


Oh no! Bobo Fred grabbed a big, red ball. Betcha he’s up to no good.


Aren’t you a little fat to be a Stormtroop.

Damn that Princess Lisa was a real bitch when she said this to Luka.


One of the Care Bears caught a Stormtroop

and is presenting him to Mr. Star Warses, George Lucan

(or Kenny Rogers. I can’t really tell who the guy is suppose to be).


Uh-oh! That husky Stormtoop and the James Bond Stormtroop have the drop on Sox!


Look! Bobo Fred is still up to no good!

He is going to punch Sox in the gomers.

Boo! Doesn’t he know that Sox is a boy fox?!

Star Wars Night at Security Service Field

Boooooo! Booooooo! to you Bart Vegas! Boooooo! You awful, awful man! Boooo!

(And shame on you Stormtroop for hanging out with such an awful man.

You two probably smoke cigarettes & inject the marijuana together. Booooo! Druggies!)

Star Wars Night at Security Service Field

Don’t give me that, “What? What?!” garbage.  You are a naughty man Bart Vegas.

And we haven’t forget to include a character from the new Is The Force Awake movie that’s all the rage with the kids today, here’s Jar Jar Rich! Some dude sent by the ghosts of Yoyo and Opie-Juan with a message to all the new Star Warsers that they should be careful of the rough housing and to remember to wear a coat in space, because it can get cold up there:


Jar Jar Rich! The grooviest cat in all the universe!

He can game cast the Phil Kessel Run is less that 12 parsecs! USA!

Have fun today and May the 4th be with you! (and also with you).

Nothing’s Faster Than A Hotdog Man

Hey. Look. It’s a hotdog man…

Sox conquer the cold, and the Redbirds, with a 3-1 victory

… And he’s running…by Keon Broxton…

Sox conquer the cold, and the Redbirds, with a 3-1 victory

…and running, in front of the Sky Sox bullpen, now with a big, red ball. Good for the hotdog man. Seems to enjoy all the space. Nice to see him so happy running, and running, and running. Godspeed hotdog man. Godspeed.