Color me shocked, but smooth jazz recording legend, Kenny G, seems to have changed careers and is now a relief pitcher for the Nashville Sounds.

Mr. G, or Kenny, as he allows me to call him, has pitched in the first 2 games of the 4 game series, tossing 2 innings, giving up 1 hit & 1 run.

Tonight has been declared KENNY G NIGHT! All game long, Kenny will entertain the crowd, from the bullpen, with some of his monster jazz hits like, Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet, the theme From Dying Young, and My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From Titanic)!

So, come on out to Security Service Field at Mile High, watch the Sky Sox take on the Sounds, and chill to the musical magic of Kenny G.




The Gazette Officially Mailed This One In

Here’s Saturday’s online game story from our own Colorado Springs Gazette::

Concise, to the point, without any wasted words (though there is a lot of wasted space below that final paragraph). That’s mailing it in without even having to waste a stamp! Nicely done!

Jorge Bonifacio’s Going To Mess Up Your Promo

The Omaha Royals Storm Chasers Kansas City Royals outfielder, Jorge Bonifacio, is a pip I tell you! A pip!

Here’s some kid, running with a giant, red ball, as part of some promo at a Colorado Springs Sky Sox game, getting his fair share of “the business” from Bonifacio.

A good time was had by both. The kid won a year’s supply of giant, red balls, and Bonifacio made it safely to his position in right field.

Congrats to Jorge Bonifacio, who was called up to the Kansas City Royals today. Good luck and keep on keepin’ on!

Stop That! Just Stop That Right Now!

Would you look at Memphis 3rd baseman Patrick Wisdom? Would you just look at him! He’s freaking out the Brewers’ #1 prospect, Lewis Brinson, and Sky Sox 3rd base coach, Ned Yost, with all that touchy/grabby stuff he’s pulling over there.


Seeing the error of his ways, Wisdom attempts to “wash” his “sinning” hand clean with some dirt.



Betcha he’ll be wearing a pair of glasses during today’s game. Won’t someone please think of the children.

Because This Is How You Get Ants

On April 10th, the Sky Sox called up the world’s most dangerous secret agent/relief pitcher, and star of the hit FXX show, ARCHER, Sterling Tristan Archer.


Since being called up from Biloxi, Archer has been in 2 games, pitched 3 innings, allowing zip-all with 3 k’s.

According to his Wikipedia page, Tristan’s obsessions include Burt Reynolds, Kenny Loggins, and big cats such as tigers and ocelots. His biggest fears are: cyborgs, alligators, crocodiles, and brain aneurysms.

The more you know!

Sox the Fox is Dead

Crazed with rabies, drunk as a lemur, Sox the Fox had to be put down, Old Yeller style, last Sunday.

In lieu of flowers eat a hot dog or something.

FC 3-6

Yadiel Rivera gets the force on Omaha’s Billy Burns and attempts to turn the double play. Sky Sox pitch Paolo Espino gets in the way and messes the whole thing up.

The Sox came back, twice, with 3 in the 9th & 10th, to win 8-7 over the Storm Chasers.