He’s The Motherflippin’

Billy Christopoulos, starting goalie for the Air Force Falcons Billy Christopoulos, 2019 first-team all-Atlantic Hockey goalie Billy Christopoulos, Billy the Greek, plays his last home series this weekend at the Cadet Ice Arena against the Niagara Purple Eagles in the AHC quarterfinals.

We want to congratulate Billy for his great career at Air Force and thank him for planting the earworm that is the Flight of the Conchords’ Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros every time his name is announced. He may be Billy the Greek to Falcon fans, but he’ll always be the HiphopChristoulos to PengoSports. Thanks, Billy.

They call him the Hip-Hop-Christopoulos
Flows that glow like phosphorous
Poppin’ off the top of this esophagus
Rockin’ this metropolis
He’s not a large water-dwelling mammal
Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis?
Did Steve tell you that, perchance?
Mmmph, Steve

He’s the motherflippin
He’s the motherflippin
He’s the motherflippin
Who’s the motherflippin
He’s the motherflippin
He’s the motherflippin
He’s the motherflippin
Motherflippin’ Hip-Hop-Christopoulos

Bret McKenzie & Jermaine Clement

Hey, It’s The Bird! And He’s Doing Stuff.

Air Force mascot, The Bird, guilted me into taking his picture on Friday.

Here he is doing this leaning against the board thing…


Here he is pretending to watch the game, or cry, or something…


And here he is doing something else, airing out his pit I guess.

I did what you asked Bird. Now would you please release my children, unharmed, liked you promised. Thank you.

The Pig-Man! I Saw A Pig-Man!

“I’m tellin ya the pigman is alive. The government’s been experimenting with pigmen since the fifties.”


“Pigman, baby. Pigman.”


“Let me understand this. So if you find the pigman, your intention is to …emancipate him?”


He may be a pigman, but pigman is respectful of our nation’s anthem.


“Pig man! It’s a pig man! Pig man! He looked up at me and made this horrible sound, eeeeaaaahhh, eeeeaaaahhh.”


The pigman is off to take a dump. Godspeed pigman!

“Believe me…somewhere in this arena the anguished oink of pigman cries for help.”

Oh, Air Force came back in this game, down 3-0, scoring 3 times in the last 4 minutes to earn a tie against AIC.


Shout out for the quoted material goes to Seinfeld season 5,  episode 5, “The Bris”

My Goal Has Made All You Much Sad

I got tired of looking at that dead frog in the last post (I am bad updating content. Sorry), so here’s a picture of Air Force’s Jordan Himley celebrating the game winning goal against Army West Point on Friday, January 27th.

The glum folks behind Jordan are Army fans in the away fans section at the Cadet Ice Arena. Air Force defeated Army 3-1 on Friday & 3-2 on Saturday to sweep the series.