WABAC Machine, AFA Style

Here are some cool old photos of the Air Force vs Wyoming game from November 3, 1962, the year they opened Falcon Stadium, taken by Stan Howey.

Pregame crowd is kind of light,
just like the in-game crowds this year.
Cool goalposts! 
The Cadets marching onto the field.
Hey! Look everyone! It’s a guy with a bird!
Let’s eat it!
Now that’s a better crowd!
Air Force wins! Air Force wins!

Ben Martin’s Falcons beat the Cowboys 35-14 and finished the season at 5-5 with wins over Colorado State, @ SMU, @ Arizona, @ UCLA and Wyoming, and losses to @ Penn State, Oregon, Miami (FL), Baylor and @ Colorado. I’d say that’s one hell of a schedule.

This year they beat Colgate and Army and lost ten games. That’s about all I’ve got about that so here’s another picture of a Cadet with a falcon.

Air Force guy with a bird.

Thanks to Sean O’Connell for his grandfather’s pictures!

Hell Yeah! Pro Bowl!

Today is the most magical day of the football year because it’s Pro Bowl day!


This year, instead of the usual AFC vs NFC battle, we get Team Deion vs Team Rice! Um, Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice had a draft and picked the players for their teams that will half-ass it for the title of Pro Bowl champions!

The Pro Bowl draft! Pick a winner Deion!
The Pro Bowl draft!
Pick a winner Deion!

Okay, okay, the Pro Bowl sucks. Goodell sucks. Deion sucks. Jerry Rice doesn’t suck but will if he continues on with this kind of crap. Please, just let it die.

The infamous Pro Bowl Party Trolley. Oh, if this trolley's seats could talk...
The infamous Pro Bowl Party Trolley.
Oh, if this trolley’s seats could talk…

Don’t watch the Pro Bowl. Spend time with your family, build a boat in a bottle or just stare at the wall. Anything but watch this tripe.

Stomach tube medication, ob. case. Fremont County, Idaho.
Stomach tube medication, ob. case
or what the Pro Bowl really is.

Still, if you must, you can watch the NFL Pro Bowl on NBC tonight at 530pm MST. We won’t judge you.

Nancy Boy

Offsides Ahmad Brooks. Half the distance. Nancy boy flop acting job Cam Newton. Sit his ass down. There’s no place for this kind of crap in football.

I’m surprised Cam was able to get up after this “hit”.

Nice hops by 49ers’ linebacker Ahmad Brooks. Cam, it’s football, not soccer.

Ouch. I’m shot.

Hell. Maybe it was a sniper. Or Cam really is just a frustrated soccer player. Anyhow, here are some soccer dives set to Yakety Sax.

100 Days!

April 11th! Round Rock is in town! Baseball is back!

Sky Sox vs Tacoma Rainiers - July 4, 2011
“One, the wind, particularly the east wind, causes torque on the ball. Second, they lose a lot of games in the early season, because the field is frozen.” Physicist/Mayor Steve Bach

2014 is going to be a “torquing” good time!