Dillard Nut-Shot Card

IF YOU WANT IT, IT’S HERE! The Keith Comstock tribute/Tim Dillard autographed nut-shot card is available to the general public for the first time.

Click this link for info on how you can acquire one of these rare baseball collectables and also do something to make the world a wee better place in the process.

Mr. Sky Sox

In the history of baseball mascots the ones with baseballs for heads are pretty creepy (plus the Red Sox one that didn’t have a baseball for a head but had something else somewhere else that I just had to include in this post because it’s hella creepy, see below):

The Cincinnati Reds had Mr. Redlegs…

…the New York Mets were represented by Mr. Met…

…and the Red Sox had the infamous Massive BonerMan.

Now the Colorado Springs Sky Sox are joining in with their own baseball-headed freak of nature, behold, Mr. Sky Sox!

Here is Mr. Sky Sox, playing right field over Manny Corpus’ left shoulder.
What other mascot plays the game?

A closeup of the elusive Mr. Sky Sox on May 17, 2014.

I have the feeling, as cool as Mr. Sky Sox is, he will never replace Sox the Fox…

Sox! He’s waaay better than Mr. Sky Sox.

…or Socko:

SOCKO! Who looks to be a close relative of Massive BonerMan
with a kind of Frankenstein-thing going on down there.
Way, way off-putting once you see it.