102nd Grey Cup!

The Grey Cup. Greatest trophy in all of sports.

Calgary Stampeders battle the Hamliton Tiger-Cats for the 102nd Grey Cup TODAY at 4PM MDT on ESPN2!  Ticats v Stamps dammit! Grey Cup dammit!

Look at them Ticats go!

And! The national anthem (Canadian) will be performed by “Canadian jazz-pop sensation” Nikki Yanofsk! then “Imagine Dragons will rock the half-time show of the 102nd Grey Cup this November 30th at B.C. Place in Vancouver.”*

Is Jazz for the bears the same as Canadian jazz-pop?

This will give everyone something to do until 630pm when the Broncos/Chiefs starts on NBC proper. Truth be told, if the Grey Cup is a close at that point I’m riding that horse to the finish. Yee Haw!

Now here’s a picture frame I found on the interwebs today. Enjoy the games!

Bee Syrup frame based on the art from Chris (Simpsons artist).

*Quotes are from CFL.ca. I don’t know who the hell Nikki Yanofsk is. I don’t even know what it takes to be a “Canadian jazz-pop sensation”, but I will take the word of the Canadian Football League that Nikki Yanofsk is one.