First Elway & Now Manning!

OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! It’s Peyton Manning! Last Saturday at the Sky Sox!


He was probably there to see his good buddy Todd Helton…

Todd Helton is not pleased with our jokery.

Too bad Todd retired and wasn’t at Security Service Field at Mile High. But Elway and Manning both showing up for a game in the first month of the season? It seems SSF@MH is the IN place to be this year!

Ow! Quit It.

On Sunday, April 14 Matt McBride got plunked in the foot by a pitch from Round Rock’s Ryan Feierabend:

Sox fall 6-3 to the Express on a cold, windy day
That’s going to leave a mark (or break later in the week. Stupid Ryan Feierabend).
Sox fall 6-3 to the Express on a cold, windy day
Be gone bat! My pain is real!
Sox fall 6-3 to the Express on a cold, windy day
It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.

On April 18th Matt broke the same foot while on a home run trot. Ironic? Hell no. Do we even know what the hell irony means anymore with every media spokesjack and spokesjill confusing irony and coincidence? Obliviously not. Anyhow, back to Matt, we’re guessing the HBP fractured his metatarsal and it finally got tired of his running and just gave up while on the HR trot (mind you we’re not doctors, just guessers and b*llshitters).

Now here are a couple of shots where Matt is running fast:

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field
Now that’s what we call a “SPEED FACE!”
Sox blow 6-1 lead and drop game to the Red Hawks 8-6
Stop sign G? Matt McBride is the Billy Hamilton of Colorado Springs,
and Matt McBride doesn’t see no stop signs.

McBride is one of the really good guys in sport. A good ballplayer and better person. Here’s hoping you heal quickly and are back on the field by June.

Daddy, Why Do The Cubs Lose?

Reason #229 why the Chicago Cubs will always be “lovable losers”…

Glove or no glove, I’d probably boot the ball anyways. You know, because I’m a Cub.

…the long-standing team policy that, “if you’re going to make lots and lots of errors we might as well not waste money on gloves and spend it on more ivy instead.” Brilliant! Viva Los Cubs!

Best Mascot? Elway Says No!

Sox fall 6-3 to the Express on a cold, windy day
Your Best of the Springs Best Sports Mascot!

Sox the Fox is this year’s Best Colorado Sports Mascot according to the Gazette’s Best of the Springs survey. Congrats Sox! It’s a well deserved honor, but I know one person who’d disagree with the choice:

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
It’s Broncos’ legend and infamous Sox the Fox hater John Elway!
Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
John looks like he wants to be anywhere but in front of our lovable, giant rat.

Sox paid a visit to Mr. Elway during opening weekend and John looked less than pleased. Then, trying to impress a legend, Sox the Fox did his classic bit where he racks himself on the gate by the visitor’s dugout, and oh how Elway and friends got a sadistic chuckle out of that:

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
Hey! John! Look at me! I’m doing stuff!
Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
Oh geez! Sox jobbered himself!
Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
Elway laughs while his bud in the plum shirt is loving the sh*t out of Sox getting hurt.
Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
As Sox crawls onto the dugout to die everyone enjoys a good laugh at his misfortune
(the sick bastards).

So there you have it. Sox the Fox rules! Except in the eyes of John Elway. Fine. Be that way. But the next time you come down we’re just going to get this gang to come extra-annoy you:

Sox crushed by Aces 14-1

Favorite Easter Memory

This happened and I was there:

Jesus Colome
Jesus Colome and the Easter Bunny. An Easter miracle made in minor league heaven
(Security Service Field at Mile High).

On Easter Sunday 2011 the Easter Bunny threw out the first pitch for the Sky Sox game against the Las Vegas 51’s. Then, in the 8th inning, Jesus (Colome) came in to pitched for the Sox. A nice day at the ballpark had just become a near perfect day at the ballpark. Only near perfect because Jesus (Colome) got lit up pretty good, 1 inning, 3 hits, 3 runs all earned. The Sky Sox did cruise to a 10-4 victory, so Jesus’ imperfections did not cost the team and I got to see Jesus (Colome) and the Easter Bunny pitch on Easter. I am a very blessed man.

Grab It!

Coach Joel Quinneville protesting a non-call

Chicago Blackhawks’ coach Joel Quenneville, upset about a delay of game non-call in last night’s 4-3 triple OT loss to St. Louis, gave the ‘boys’ a grab to let the refs know what he thought they were lacking.

In a show of solidarity, Ben Paulsen of the Sky Sox decided to “Join in with Joel”:

Catcher to umpire, “Hey. Make him stop that.”
Umpire to Paulsen, “Hey. Stop that.”
Paulsen, “Hey. I’m protesting here.”

And protest he did:

Wonder what that “BP” stands for on that glove?

Look! Up In The Sky!

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox home opener at Security Service Field at Mile High was exciting. There was a ton going on, there was a marching band I couldn’t see before the game, the Sox came back to win 12-11 in extra-innings in under 5 hours, and there were, I heard because I left many, many hours before the game ended, fireworks after the game! But the biggest thing that happened at the home opener was that Superman, yes, the Superman made an appearance at the ballpark!

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field
Look! Up on the roof! Who’s that?!

Now I don’t keep up on the comic superheros all that much, but I always though Superman wore a blue leotard with a big red cape. Today he was wearing khakis, a navy polo and a ballcap. I don’t know. Maybe he’s tired of looking like a weirdo and decided to modernize of something? But hell if that ain’t Superman standing up there?

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field
Up, up to infinity and beyond!

I just know it’s Superman! That’s how he stands dammit!

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field
Truth, Justice, something something and Baseball!

See! See?

Superman, in his more formal attire.

Hey! Sky Sox reliever Nick Masset! Was that Superman?

Nick sez – “Dude! That’s Superman!”

Anywho…thanks for showing up Superman! I heard Aquaman was thinking of stirring up some trouble and you really nipped that one in the bud.

John Elway At The Baseball

Would you look who showed up at Security Service Field at Mile High on Saturday:

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
OMG! It’s John Elway!

He was there because his old college roommate at Stanford is Steve Buechele, the  Round Rock Express manager.

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field
Steve Buechele, left, is a friend of John Elway.

So, what’s the great John Elway do at a minor league baseball game you ask? You know, the usual, sit around all game eating copious amounts of sunflower seeds…

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.

…drinking some High Quality H2O…

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
Water is just so damn refreshing.

…and checking his phone…

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
Nope. Says here we’re still losing the Super Bowl.

…and just shooting the shit with these two dudes (sorry. No idea who they are)

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
Yup. That’s John Elway. Just hanging out with a couple of his buds.
(foot and cap in foreground do not belong to his buds)

Round Rock defeated the Sky Sox 16-12 in a game that didn’t last over 4 hours. Hope you enjoyed the game John!

I Laugh At Thee (UPDATED)

Last night Sox pitcher Tyler Matzek gave up a grand slam to Round Rock’s Adam Rosales in the top of the 4th inning. The ball went a very long way and I wanted to get a reaction shot of the pitcher:

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field
Tyler Matzek after giving up a four run homer in the 4th.

Not that great of a shot. No f-bombs. No shouting at the sky. Just a player knowing that if you go to a 3 ball count too many times you’re eventually going to pay for it.

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field
Yup. That ball went a long, long ways.

In the last of the 3 frames I shot (below), I noticed the runner’s grin as Matzek is turning to get a new ball:

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field
‘Heh, heh, heh…you gave up a grand slam. ‘Heh, heh, heh…

Dude. Dude! What a dick move (if that is what he was doing. It could be I just caught an odd facial expression and not a “heh, heh, heh” event. Photography can be like that. Derp moments, or odd expressions that mean nothing. But we’re going to assume it was a “heh, heh, heh” moment otherwise this would be a post with 3 pictures of a guy who gave up a home run and where’s the fun in that?).

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field
Who is this evil man?

The problem is I don’t know who the guilty party is. Focused on Matzek I wasn’t counting the runners. Is it the hitter, Adam Rosales? It can’t be the first runner, Alex Buchholtz, and doubtful it was the second one, Chris Snyder, because the guy on 3rd, Buchholtz wouldn’t be trotting and Snyder had nothing to trot about (and unless both were walking really, really slowly they should have been home already). So, that leaves the player on 1st, Jared Hoying, or Rosales. Who is our dick? Help us out if you know. We’ll give an update after this afternoon’s game if we find out. Let’s stir this pot!

UPDATE – It was JARED HOYING! GUILTY! of something or not.

Home Opener

Look at that crowd!
Security Service Field at Mile High is going to be hoppin’ tonight!

Yea! It’s finally here! The Sky Sox home opener is tonight. 1st pitch at 637pm. Forecast temperature for said 1st pitch, wait for it, 68 degrees! Yes! 68! And even by game’s end and the fireworks it’s still going to be in the high 50’s.

I’m so excited I could just burst!
(And I ain’t even pitching tonight)

The rest of the weekend you ask? Saturday’s 137pm start, sweet! Mid-70’s! Sunday? Quiet you!

So, come out and enjoy some baseball on a perfect April night and stick around for the fireworks without the fear of ending up like Jack Torrance in The Shining.

shining jack frozen
April baseball in Colorado? Not yet my friend. Not yet.


Head Shot Magic

Congrats to Christian Friedrich! You are the leader in the clubhouse for the 2014 Head Shot of the Year!

Damn! That’s a happy man!

This one is almost on par with the all-time great Edgar Gonzalez pic:

Edgar Gonzalez
El Glacier! Es numero uno!

Why is Edgar’s better? This was the pose for all 3 head shots I took. He was asked if he wanted to change it and he said he like this one. Friedrich took 2 normal ones and tossed this one in afterwords.

Sky Sox vs Fresno Grizzlies - May 4, 2012
But that’s okay Christian. You’re a lefty and lefties mean these kind of shots.

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox have their home opener on Friday, April 11th against the Round Rock Express. Game time is 635pm. Head on out to Security Service Field at Mile High and enjoy some decent weather April baseball. You know, before the field freezes and that old East Wind comes a torquing the ball again.

And here is your 2013 winning shot of Charlie Blackmon (currently tearing it up with the Rockies):

Dude! Duuuuuude!