LeBron & MJ Together Forever

Here are two of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, LeBron James & Michael Jordan, walking hand in hand in right here in Colorado Springs (Galley Blvd near Academy Blvd)!


Looks like they were heading to the Native Roots gas/weed station on the corner there, but who knows, they could have just been out for a walk, enjoying the weather on Friday the 13th.


Keep walking you two. We all know the NBA officals would never make that call on either of you.

Headshot Madness

Today is Opening Day of the 2015 Pacific Coast League season for the new look Colorado Springs Sky Sox!  The Rockies prospects are gone, replaced by some future Brewers we hope can help make us forget 2014’s 54-90 clinic in indifference and terrible baseball. Go Sky Sox! Go Brewers! Yeah baseball!

So, a new season means we got to take new headshots yesterday. Below, for comparison, are a few classic shots along with my favorites from this season. Check ’em out and let us know what you think:

Lebron James. His Jordan moment came with the Sky Sox.
Manny (Corpus) being Manny (Corpus).
OMG! I’m so flippin’ excited! I’m Christian Friedrich!
Duuuuuuuude! Charlie Blackmon (pre-epic beard).

And the Gold Standard of Sox headshots:

Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez! El Glaciar! El numero uno!

Now here are this year’s contenders:

Chris Perez’s “facing the wrong way” take on the headshot.
John Ely trying to out Friedrich Friedrich or out Edgar Edgar.
“Breathe In” with Nevin Ashley.
“I’m So Uncomfortable” with Pete Orr
Taylor Jungmann, “No. That’s so legal here. I’m cool” headshot.
“Don’t Forget to Smile” from Jason Rogers
“Near…far…wherever you are…my heart…” croons Bryan Petersen

Those are your 2015 Colorado Springs Sky Sox. Let’s make a contest out of this, Tweet your favorite to @PengoSports with the hashtag #HeadshotMadness. We’ll announce a winner by the end of the opening homestand and there will be much rejoicing and we’ll name an award after the winner. Yeah.

LeBron Decision 2014

In a shock move, All-World basketball player LeBron James choose to take his talents to the diamond and play the rest of the 2014 season with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox.

The new point-foward for the Sky Sox, LeBron James.

“If it was good enough for MJ, it’s good enough for LBJ (me, LeBron James and not that salty dead president Lydon Baines Johnson),” the publicity shy superstar was overheard saying. “Plus, I hear they’re having Rudy’s in the pressbox tonight and I sure am hungry for some proper bar-b-que, some of that sweet tea and hot damn! That creamed corn they serve. Hell. The main reason I’m going with the Sox is that creamed corn. If they didn’t have that I’d probably just go back and play hoops in Cleveland, or something stupid like that,” continued a beaming LeBron.