Home Opener!

The skies are darkening, the temperature is dropping & a Snowmageddon is predicted for the state, so that can mean only one thing…the Sky Sox home opener is here!

Quiz time! Will we have:


Rain tonight? (probably)

A little sun, a little rain, a little snow and a lot of wind.

Snow tonight? (probably)  A game tonight? (maybe).

Sky Sox vs Iowa Cubs - May 12, 2011

Cold players bitchin’ ’bout the weather? (definitely).

Too cold for baseball

Massive crowds elbowing their way into Security Service Field at Mile High? (probably not).


Buck it up campers! Put on your snowsuits and root on our Sky Sox tonight! If the winds stay calm there’s going to be fireworks tonight! And that’d be kinda awesome seeing fireworks in the snow.

And now, a picture of Manager Rick Sweet and a couple of AT-ATs attacking them damn rebels on that ice planet Hoth:


Battle of the Wolf-People

Sox hold on to defeat Nashville 7-5
It was Opening Day, so America was there!

Our New Sox, your BrewSox, won their opener 7-5 over the Nashville Sounds yesterday in the torquing east wind swept, frozen confines of Security Service Field at Mile High. 1-0! Yeah team!

Here’s kind of what happened:

Sox hold on to defeat Nashville 7-5
Taylor Jungmann pitched 4.0 innings looking like this.
Sox hold on to defeat Nashville 7-5
Matt Clark hit a high pop up behind 2nd base that went over the fence for a homer. Yes, that’s a homerun swing.

AND! And there was a battle of Wolf-People!

Sox hold on to defeat Nashville 7-5
Nashville’s catcher, and Wolf-Person, Bryan Anderson ready to do Wolf-Person stuff at the ballyard.
Sox hold on to defeat Nashville 7-5
One of the Sky Sox Wolf-People, Chris Perez, gives up a double to his Wolf-Brother Bryan Anderson in the 8th.

It got hairy in the 8th & 9th as the Sounds clawed back 3 runs to make it close, but the New Sox hung on for the win.

Tonight at 635pm it’s John Ely vs Barry Zito (who was great on the Chris Isaak Show, SE3EP3, in 2004. Watch it! Oh, YOU CAN’T BECAUSE SOME BASTARDS WON’T ALLOW IT OUT ON DVD, OR NETFLIX, OR ANYTHING! OH, HOW I HATE THEM BASTARDS!). Sorry. I really liked that show. To make it up to you here’s a picture of a little man on a baseball, or a normal man on a giant baseball. Enjoy!

Sitting on it like he own the whole, wide world!



Opening Night

Just look at them Dodgers! Best team that money can buy!
(Strange saying that about a team besides the Yankees).

Yay baseball! It’s Opening Night (again. Thanks Australia for ruining everything)! Dodgers (again) visit the Padres on ESPN proper at 600pm MT (now).

Bundle up. It may drop into the low 60’s tonight in San Diego.
A long season begins with Opening Day.

Real Opening Day starts tomorrow. Lots of games. Some of them during the day. Baseball is here. Huzzah!