Home Opener!

The skies are darkening, the temperature is dropping & a Snowmageddon is predicted for the state, so that can mean only one thing…the Sky Sox home opener is here!

Quiz time! Will we have:


Rain tonight? (probably)

A little sun, a little rain, a little snow and a lot of wind.

Snow tonight? (probably)  A game tonight? (maybe).

Sky Sox vs Iowa Cubs - May 12, 2011

Cold players bitchin’ ’bout the weather? (definitely).

Too cold for baseball

Massive crowds elbowing their way into Security Service Field at Mile High? (probably not).


Buck it up campers! Put on your snowsuits and root on our Sky Sox tonight! If the winds stay calm there’s going to be fireworks tonight! And that’d be kinda awesome seeing fireworks in the snow.

And now, a picture of Manager Rick Sweet and a couple of AT-ATs attacking them damn rebels on that ice planet Hoth: