The #1 Prospect In All The Land

BEHOLD! It’s Corey Seager of the Oklahoma City Dodgers! The #1 prospect in all of minor league baseball! And he’s, um, hmm, doing “something” with his right hand while wearing a mitten on his left hand.

Sox head to all-star break with a walk off 6-5 win
Maybe he needs mittens on both hands to save his eyesight.
Cone of shame for dogs. Mitten of shame for ballplayers.

Sweet Jebus! Won’t someone please think of the children.

Opening Night

Just look at them Dodgers! Best team that money can buy!
(Strange saying that about a team besides the Yankees).

Yay baseball! It’s Opening Night (again. Thanks Australia for ruining everything)! Dodgers (again) visit the Padres on ESPN proper at 600pm MT (now).

Bundle up. It may drop into the low 60’s tonight in San Diego.
A long season begins with Opening Day.

Real Opening Day starts tomorrow. Lots of games. Some of them during the day. Baseball is here. Huzzah!