LeBron Decision 2014

In a shock move, All-World basketball player LeBron James choose to take his talents to the diamond and play the rest of the 2014 season with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox.

The new point-foward for the Sky Sox, LeBron James.

“If it was good enough for MJ, it’s good enough for LBJ (me, LeBron James and not that salty dead president Lydon Baines Johnson),” the publicity shy superstar was overheard saying. “Plus, I hear they’re having Rudy’s in the pressbox tonight and I sure am hungry for some proper bar-b-que, some of that sweet tea and hot damn! That creamed corn they serve. Hell. The main reason I’m going with the Sox is that creamed corn. If they didn’t have that I’d probably just go back and play hoops in Cleveland, or something stupid like that,” continued a beaming LeBron.