LeBron & MJ Together Forever

Here are two of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, LeBron James & Michael Jordan, walking hand in hand in right here in Colorado Springs (Galley Blvd near Academy Blvd)!


Looks like they were heading to the Native Roots gas/weed station on the corner there, but who knows, they could have just been out for a walk, enjoying the weather on Friday the 13th.


Keep walking you two. We all know the NBA officals would never make that call on either of you.


No one is defending him,
just like every possession in the all star game.

Watched a bit of the NBA All-Star Dunk Extravaganza thingy this weekend. Why? Um, cause it was on? This thing has become as bad as the Pro Bowl. So this is how I felt about the weekend (the guy with the camera is the NBA and I am the guy in the 3rd shot down):

Hey you! Yeah, you TV watching guy…
Do you like basketball? Yeah? Well then, you’re really going to hate this!
Enjoy your Dunk Contest and All Start Game sucker!
Ouch. I’m shot by the terribleness of it all.

So, it sucked. But at least there was a weekend full of awesome Olympic hockey games to watch! And the NRL Auckland Nines were sweet! And the Aussie Rules preseason is underway! And MLB Spring camps are opening! And football is only 6+ months away!

Get out of the way Durant on a horse! No one can stop LeBron on a horse!

Oh, and how about them Nuggets?! Good to see they quit before the season even started to spare our hopes getting dashed in the playoffs again.