We’ve Got a Lot of Losses…

Rockies manager Walt Weiss held a closed door team meeting before last night’s game against the Diamondbacks. He emphasized to the team that it wasn’t their effort that was the problem, but a lack of execution. Here’s our guess for how it went (NSFW language):

The pep-talk seemed to work with the team for 2.5 innings. They jumped out to a 3-1 lead, but crapped the bed after that. De La Rosa gave up a 3 run bomb to Mark Trumbo in the bottom of the 3rd, the bullpen, Kahnle and Masset gave up 10 runs in 2 innings of work, including a 9 run 8th to put the game away. So much for inspirational speeches.


If Denver wins Seattle keeps the only trophy that counts, but the fan base has another lame thing to hang their collective hats on.

Revenge game! Broncos host the Seahawks tonight at Mile High hoping to redeem themselves for that 43-8 thumping in Super Bowl 48 (not really. It’s just a shitty preseason game that injects more cash into the owner’s pockets while not having to pay the players. Manning plays a series. Are the tickets priced accordingly? Nope. Full-price suckers! It’s like watching the future of the Arena League on a full-sized field!).

Anyhoo…Game is on KKTV 11 starting at 700pm. Ron Zappolo and John Lynch have the call. Here’s something that’s more entertaining that tonight will be:

Daddy, Why Do The Cubs Lose?

Reason #229 why the Chicago Cubs will always be “lovable losers”…

Glove or no glove, I’d probably boot the ball anyways. You know, because I’m a Cub.

…the long-standing team policy that, “if you’re going to make lots and lots of errors we might as well not waste money on gloves and spend it on more ivy instead.” Brilliant! Viva Los Cubs!


No one is defending him,
just like every possession in the all star game.

Watched a bit of the NBA All-Star Dunk Extravaganza thingy this weekend. Why? Um, cause it was on? This thing has become as bad as the Pro Bowl. So this is how I felt about the weekend (the guy with the camera is the NBA and I am the guy in the 3rd shot down):

Hey you! Yeah, you TV watching guy…
Do you like basketball? Yeah? Well then, you’re really going to hate this!
Enjoy your Dunk Contest and All Start Game sucker!
Ouch. I’m shot by the terribleness of it all.

So, it sucked. But at least there was a weekend full of awesome Olympic hockey games to watch! And the NRL Auckland Nines were sweet! And the Aussie Rules preseason is underway! And MLB Spring camps are opening! And football is only 6+ months away!

Get out of the way Durant on a horse! No one can stop LeBron on a horse!

Oh, and how about them Nuggets?! Good to see they quit before the season even started to spare our hopes getting dashed in the playoffs again.