If Denver wins Seattle keeps the only trophy that counts, but the fan base has another lame thing to hang their collective hats on.

Revenge game! Broncos host the Seahawks tonight at Mile High hoping to redeem themselves for that 43-8 thumping in Super Bowl 48 (not really. It’s just a shitty preseason game that injects more cash into the owner’s pockets while not having to pay the players. Manning plays a series. Are the tickets priced accordingly? Nope. Full-price suckers! It’s like watching the future of the Arena League on a full-sized field!).

Anyhoo…Game is on KKTV 11 starting at 700pm. Ron Zappolo and John Lynch have the call. Here’s something that’s more entertaining that tonight will be:

First Elway & Now Manning!

OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! It’s Peyton Manning! Last Saturday at the Sky Sox!


He was probably there to see his good buddy Todd Helton…

Todd Helton is not pleased with our jokery.

Too bad Todd retired and wasn’t at Security Service Field at Mile High. But Elway and Manning both showing up for a game in the first month of the season? It seems SSF@MH is the IN place to be this year!