Hit Batsman of the Homestand

Congratulations to Matt Clark! By getting plunked by the Iowa Cubs’ Felipe Paulino in the bottom of the 4th inning of Monday’s 12-10 loss, you are the winner of the Hit Batsman of the Homestand!

Cubs top Sox, again.
Matt Clark attempts to shake off getting hit in the foot while Cubs’ catcher Luke Carlin tries to lighten the mood with his world famous “Look at Me! I’m walkin’ like a Sasquatch!” impression.


Daddy, Why Do The Cubs Lose?

Reason #229 why the Chicago Cubs will always be “lovable losers”…

Glove or no glove, I’d probably boot the ball anyways. You know, because I’m a Cub.

…the long-standing team policy that, “if you’re going to make lots and lots of errors we might as well not waste money on gloves and spend it on more ivy instead.” Brilliant! Viva Los Cubs!