If Denver wins Seattle keeps the only trophy that counts, but the fan base has another lame thing to hang their collective hats on.

Revenge game! Broncos host the Seahawks tonight at Mile High hoping to redeem themselves for that 43-8 thumping in Super Bowl 48 (not really. It’s just a shitty preseason game that injects more cash into the owner’s pockets while not having to pay the players. Manning plays a series. Are the tickets priced accordingly? Nope. Full-price suckers! It’s like watching the future of the Arena League on a full-sized field!).

Anyhoo…Game is on KKTV 11 starting at 700pm. Ron Zappolo and John Lynch have the call. Here’s something that’s more entertaining that tonight will be:

Dumpster Fire

The Denver Broncos’ dumpster fire of a performance in the Super Bowl added yet another chapter in the long history of Denver crapping the bed under the bright lights of football’s biggest stage.

Hey! It’s a safety/pick six/offense crap-fest!

Having survived the first four implosions, 78, 87, 88 & 90, and celebrated the two wins, 98 & 99, we were numb to this year’s embarrassing festival of turds. Still, they did suck us back in, even after last year’s soul-crushing collapse to the Ravens, and they made us care again and again. They always seems to give us just enough hope that this year was going to be different. Kay-riste! We sure was stupid! Well, no more!

Every Bronco Player received this wonderful ribbon for playing in the Super Bowl.

Yeah! No more! At least until next year when we go through this same thing again.


Hell Yeah! Pro Bowl!

Today is the most magical day of the football year because it’s Pro Bowl day!


This year, instead of the usual AFC vs NFC battle, we get Team Deion vs Team Rice! Um, Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice had a draft and picked the players for their teams that will half-ass it for the title of Pro Bowl champions!

The Pro Bowl draft! Pick a winner Deion!
The Pro Bowl draft!
Pick a winner Deion!

Okay, okay, the Pro Bowl sucks. Goodell sucks. Deion sucks. Jerry Rice doesn’t suck but will if he continues on with this kind of crap. Please, just let it die.

The infamous Pro Bowl Party Trolley. Oh, if this trolley's seats could talk...
The infamous Pro Bowl Party Trolley.
Oh, if this trolley’s seats could talk…

Don’t watch the Pro Bowl. Spend time with your family, build a boat in a bottle or just stare at the wall. Anything but watch this tripe.

Stomach tube medication, ob. case. Fremont County, Idaho.
Stomach tube medication, ob. case
or what the Pro Bowl really is.

Still, if you must, you can watch the NFL Pro Bowl on NBC tonight at 530pm MST. We won’t judge you.