Home Opener

Look at that crowd!
Security Service Field at Mile High is going to be hoppin’ tonight!

Yea! It’s finally here! The Sky Sox home opener is tonight. 1st pitch at 637pm. Forecast temperature for said 1st pitch, wait for it, 68 degrees! Yes! 68! And even by game’s end and the fireworks it’s still going to be in the high 50’s.

I’m so excited I could just burst!
(And I ain’t even pitching tonight)

The rest of the weekend you ask? Saturday’s 137pm start, sweet! Mid-70’s! Sunday? Quiet you!

So, come out and enjoy some baseball on a perfect April night and stick around for the fireworks without the fear of ending up like Jack Torrance in The Shining.

shining jack frozen
April baseball in Colorado? Not yet my friend. Not yet.


100 Days!

April 11th! Round Rock is in town! Baseball is back!

Sky Sox vs Tacoma Rainiers - July 4, 2011
“One, the wind, particularly the east wind, causes torque on the ball. Second, they lose a lot of games in the early season, because the field is frozen.” Physicist/Mayor Steve Bach

2014 is going to be a “torquing” good time!