Dumpster Fire

The Denver Broncos’ dumpster fire of a performance in the Super Bowl added yet another chapter in the long history of Denver crapping the bed under the bright lights of football’s biggest stage.

Hey! It’s a safety/pick six/offense crap-fest!

Having survived the first four implosions, 78, 87, 88 & 90, and celebrated the two wins, 98 & 99, we were numb to this year’s embarrassing festival of turds. Still, they did suck us back in, even after last year’s soul-crushing collapse to the Ravens, and they made us care again and again. They always seems to give us just enough hope that this year was going to be different. Kay-riste! We sure was stupid! Well, no more!

Every Bronco Player received this wonderful ribbon for playing in the Super Bowl.

Yeah! No more! At least until next year when we go through this same thing again.