Yup. There’s A Potato Bowl

Potato Man sez, “WATCH MY BOWL DAMMIT!”

Air Force v Western Michigan play today in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl at 345pm on ESPN Proper. Give it a gander.

And now, some pictures of potatoes, and/or Idaho, to get you in the mood:

Greetings from Old Man Potato!
A big potato on a flatcar.
Damn. There sure are some weird “potato” themed postcards out there.
Kind of like the one above but with some Idaho related text added.
Doesn’t Idaho have anything else to be proud of besides potatoes?
The postcard creators just mailed this one in (no pun intended).

And now, a B-1 flying over Falcon Stadium and into the clouds (better than potatoes any day if you ask me).

Air Force tops Nevada 45-38 in a very cold, overtime thriller.
It’s probably filled with potatoes.

Anyways, enjoy the game. It might just feel like you’re there if you eat a potato while watching it. Bon appétit!

The Misadventures of NM Lobos

Damn fine television if you ask me. This was TV’s Golden Age.

The final episode of The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo aired on May 5, 1981. On October 18, 2014 Air Force beat the New Mexico Lobos 35-31. What’s the connection, besides the Lobo thing? Hell if I know, but I do know that a B.J. and the Bear spinoff is only a couple of degrees of separation away from connecting something to anything, like Sheriff Lobo and an Air Force football game. So there.

Air Force holds off New Mexico 35-31
Air Force quarterback, Kale Pearson, airs one out to wide receiver Jalen Robinette
in the 3rd quarter of the Falcons 35-31 victory over New Mexico.
Air Force holds off New Mexico 35-31
Jalen Robinette hauls in said pass from Pearson against the Lobos.
Air Force holds off New Mexico 35-31
Don’t worry. He scores. Dude has some talent.

Their next home game is against Nevada on November 12th at Noon. Tickets are cheap. The setting is beautiful. And the team isn’t half bad this year. Come out and support your Air Force Falcons.

Now here’s a pyramid of Gatorade stuffs the Lobos’ staff constructed.

Air Force holds off New Mexico 35-31
Behold! Fort Gatorade!

WABAC Machine, AFA Style

Here are some cool old photos of the Air Force vs Wyoming game from November 3, 1962, the year they opened Falcon Stadium, taken by Stan Howey.

Pregame crowd is kind of light,
just like the in-game crowds this year.
Cool goalposts! 
The Cadets marching onto the field.
Hey! Look everyone! It’s a guy with a bird!
Let’s eat it!
Now that’s a better crowd!
Air Force wins! Air Force wins!

Ben Martin’s Falcons beat the Cowboys 35-14 and finished the season at 5-5 with wins over Colorado State, @ SMU, @ Arizona, @ UCLA and Wyoming, and losses to @ Penn State, Oregon, Miami (FL), Baylor and @ Colorado. I’d say that’s one hell of a schedule.

This year they beat Colgate and Army and lost ten games. That’s about all I’ve got about that so here’s another picture of a Cadet with a falcon.

Air Force guy with a bird.

Thanks to Sean O’Connell for his grandfather’s pictures!