From Hell’s Heart I Stab At Thee

What did you do yesterday? Work? Something fun? Fuel your nightmares for years to come? I did the latter.

For the past couple of years these rodents have haunted me at Security Service Field at Mile High…

Ciggy Butts, Fat Rat 1, Fat Rat 2 & Fat Rat 3.

…Just the three on the right (Ciggy Butts on the left was a anti-smoking mascot that the kids all loved to get their photo taken with. So I guess that would be a fail when you’re trying to get kids to avoid smoking and stuff. Maybe if they made him stink like an ashtray the kids would have kept their distance and taunted him like a proper mascot).

These “Hamstars” are part of a Kia ad campaign where hip hop rats tear-ass around town in their brand new Kia. You know, stuff that dreams are made of and makes you want to race out of your home and buy a new car.

I am the happiest man in the world.
As you can see, I am the happiest man in the world.

So Monday I get the call to come out and shoot the “new and improved” Hamstars for this season’s Sky Sox hamster/rat promotions. I get there, and oh my God! They have lost weight. They have lost a whole lot of weight and gotten a whole bunch more creepy. BEHOLD! YOUR 2014 HAMSTARS!

Dave Solon Kia HamStars
Just like James Bond, but with rats heads.
Dave Solon Kia HamStars
Green screen. HamStars. Get busy interwebs!
Dave Solon Kia HamStars
The pompadour is a nice touch.
Dave Solon Kia HamStars
The Kia people were awesome! The ladies in the HamStar heads were great!
The heads themself? Um…

So, when you come out to see the Sky Sox this year be warned. These things exist and you will probably see them at some point. Maybe on Eat Your Own Young Night or Richard Gere Night. See you there! Bring the kids!