Reno 911 – COS

Because he’s the hero Colorado Springs deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we’ll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. He’s Ben Paulsen.

1st base is safe from evildoers. Officer Paulsen is on the job.
Truth, justice and the Paulsen Way!

Lose the beard, sport the ‘stache and this crap writes itself. Thanks Ben!

What’s In Ben Paulsen’s Beard?

Hey kids! Here’s your coloring page of 2014 PCL All Star, and Colorado Spring Sky Sox 1st baseman, Ben Paulsen:

click to embiggen, print and commence to coloring!

Color the page in, Tweet a picture of your entry to @PengoSports with the hashtag of #ColoringBen and the best entry will win this sweet 5″x7″ shot of Ben grimacing in pain after getting plunked in the elbow from PengoSports (contest ends 7/31/2014).

Ow. Ow. Ouch. Ow. Ow…

Even More Unfortunate Bat Placement

Here are a couple of new entries in the Unfortunate Bat Placement series:

Ben Paulsen is so “excited” and he just can’t hide it!
He’s about to lose control and he thinks he likes it!
Catcher Michael Ramirez goes all Don Quixote with his Unfortunate Bat Placement.

Well played gents! Keep it up!

Grab It!

Coach Joel Quinneville protesting a non-call

Chicago Blackhawks’ coach Joel Quenneville, upset about a delay of game non-call in last night’s 4-3 triple OT loss to St. Louis, gave the ‘boys’ a grab to let the refs know what he thought they were lacking.

In a show of solidarity, Ben Paulsen of the Sky Sox decided to “Join in with Joel”:

Catcher to umpire, “Hey. Make him stop that.”
Umpire to Paulsen, “Hey. Stop that.”
Paulsen, “Hey. I’m protesting here.”

And protest he did:

Wonder what that “BP” stands for on that glove?