Grab It!

Coach Joel Quinneville protesting a non-call

Chicago Blackhawks’ coach Joel Quenneville, upset about a delay of game non-call in last night’s 4-3 triple OT loss to St. Louis, gave the ‘boys’ a grab to let the refs know what he thought they were lacking.

In a show of solidarity, Ben Paulsen of the Sky Sox decided to “Join in with Joel”:

Catcher to umpire, “Hey. Make him stop that.”
Umpire to Paulsen, “Hey. Stop that.”
Paulsen, “Hey. I’m protesting here.”

And protest he did:

Wonder what that “BP” stands for on that glove?

Wow! Just Wow!

Radko Gudas and Ben Bishop after Ales Hemsky’s goal.
Photo by Stanley Kubrick

Ales Hemsky from the Ottawa Senators undressed the Lightning’s d-man Radko Gudas and goalie Ben Bishop to score one of the goals of the year.

Tampa went on to win the game 5-4, but Hemsky won the night.

Hockey Rules!

There is cool. And then there is cool. This is the latter.

Damn. I think I got some dust in my eyes.

Good on you Sam Tageson. And good on the San Jose Sharks. This was an awesome thing to do.

Here’s some more on Sam’s day: