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Ow! Quit It.

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April 25, 2014 by paatk

On Sunday, April 14 Matt McBride got plunked in the foot by a pitch from Round Rock’s Ryan Feierabend:

Sox fall 6-3 to the Express on a cold, windy day

That’s going to leave a mark (or break later in the week. Stupid Ryan Feierabend).

Sox fall 6-3 to the Express on a cold, windy day

Be gone bat! My pain is real!

Sox fall 6-3 to the Express on a cold, windy day

It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.

On April 18th Matt broke the same foot while on a home run trot. Ironic? Hell no. Do we even know what the hell irony means anymore with every media spokesjack and spokesjill confusing irony and coincidence? Obliviously not. Anyhow, back to Matt, we’re guessing the HBP fractured his metatarsal and it finally got tired of his running and just gave up while on the HR trot (mind you we’re not doctors, just guessers and b*llshitters).

Now here are a couple of shots where Matt is running fast:

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field

Now that’s what we call a “SPEED FACE!”

Sox blow 6-1 lead and drop game to the Red Hawks 8-6

Stop sign G? Matt McBride is the Billy Hamilton of Colorado Springs,
and Matt McBride doesn’t see no stop signs.

McBride is one of the really good guys in sport. A good ballplayer and better person. Here’s hoping you heal quickly and are back on the field by June.

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