John Elway At The Baseball

Would you look who showed up at Security Service Field at Mile High on Saturday:

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
OMG! It’s John Elway!

He was there because his old college roommate at Stanford is Steve Buechele, the  Round Rock Express manager.

Sky Sox 2014 home opener at Security Service Field
Steve Buechele, left, is a friend of John Elway.

So, what’s the great John Elway do at a minor league baseball game you ask? You know, the usual, sit around all game eating copious amounts of sunflower seeds…

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.

…drinking some High Quality H2O…

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
Water is just so damn refreshing.

…and checking his phone…

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
Nope. Says here we’re still losing the Super Bowl.

…and just shooting the shit with these two dudes (sorry. No idea who they are)

Sox fall 16-12 to the Express.
Yup. That’s John Elway. Just hanging out with a couple of his buds.
(foot and cap in foreground do not belong to his buds)

Round Rock defeated the Sky Sox 16-12 in a game that didn’t last over 4 hours. Hope you enjoyed the game John!