This Is Ed

This is Ed. Ed works for the Sky Sox.

09_05_001edsm_pkEd kinda looks stoned. Ed’s not stoned. Ed’s just Ed.

If you see Ed, say “HEY ED!” He’ll probably say “hey” back to you. Ed is like that.

Home Run Derp

Matt Dominguez hit a home run in the 1st inning of tonight’s game against Omaha (Sox are getting crushed 8-1 after 7) and came back to the dugout with this look plastered on his face:

09_03_015sm_pkMatt Dominguez and Matt Long share a “moment”.

09_03_015csm_pkDerp it up Matty! Derp it up good!

Shin Bone Connected To The Foul Ball

Matt Clark fouled one off his shin bone tonight:

Sox fall to Omaha 4-3Yup. Fouled it off his shin alright.

Sox fall to Omaha 4-3Looks kinda painful and stuff.

Sox fall to Omaha 4-3That’s the ticket. All Better now.

Sox fell to Omaha 4-3 on Dog Night, and many dogs were sad.

Sox fall to Omaha 4-3A man in a giant rat suit taunts a bunch of dogs on Dog Night.

 And now I leave you with this:

The Rainbow Connection

Why are there so many songs about rainbows? Hell, I don’t know. Did that damn singing frog mention gold and leprechauns? That would be a decent reason for a song about rainbows. Let’s just say he was singing about last night’s 7-1 Sky Sox victory over the Reno Aces, or more accurately, about the 1:31 rain delay in the top of the 4th inning that was just chock full of rainbows, and lightning, and talk of pots-o-gold & leprechauns, and stuff.

Hey! Look! It’s the end of the rainbow!
And it’s landing right in the middle of Security Service Field at Mile High!
The end of the rainbow means a pots-o-gold & leprechauns!
I think I see a leprechaun, but that doesn’t look like a pot-o-gold.
That looks like a big metal tube.
Stupid metal tubes. They can’t hold a candle to an inanimate carbon rod.
And that’s no leprechaun! It’s Sox outfielder Michael Reed!
He only looks like a leprechaun because he has a red beard.

Michael Reed says, “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! And stay away from me Lucky Charms!”


Hit Batsman of the Homestand

Congratulations to Matt Clark! By getting plunked by the Iowa Cubs’ Felipe Paulino in the bottom of the 4th inning of Monday’s 12-10 loss, you are the winner of the Hit Batsman of the Homestand!

Cubs top Sox, again.
Matt Clark attempts to shake off getting hit in the foot while Cubs’ catcher Luke Carlin tries to lighten the mood with his world famous “Look at Me! I’m walkin’ like a Sasquatch!” impression.



Pete Orr, Sky Sox infielder and oh, SUPERVILLIAN! Yeah. That’s about right. Damn him and his hustle and stuff to help Canada beat the US 7-6 for the gold medal at the Pan Am Games in Toronto.

 Scoring from first on a wild pick-off attempt? Yup. Pete Orr has grit (and talent).

Congratulations to Canada. That was a hell of a game (and great job Pete! See you back with the Sox real soon).


The #1 Prospect In All The Land

BEHOLD! It’s Corey Seager of the Oklahoma City Dodgers! The #1 prospect in all of minor league baseball! And he’s, um, hmm, doing “something” with his right hand while wearing a mitten on his left hand.

Sox head to all-star break with a walk off 6-5 win
Maybe he needs mittens on both hands to save his eyesight.
Cone of shame for dogs. Mitten of shame for ballplayers.

Sweet Jebus! Won’t someone please think of the children.

Happy Father’s Day From Darth Vader

Whatcha doing Darth?

Oh nothing. You know, just scaring babies and stuff.

Vader: No, I am your father.
Luke: No. No. That’s not true. That’s impossible!
Vader: Search your feelings; you know it to be true.


Nice Passed Ball There Jon Eddy

Last night Colorado Springs Sky Sox Director of Marketing and Promotions, Jon Eddy, went out to catch the ceremonial 1st pitch:

Sox maul Grizzlies 7-3
All set meat. Bring the heat. I can take it.

Most 1st pitches are on target, some are not, this one was in the dirt:

Sox maul Grizzlies 7-3

It’s in the dirt and with a whiff and a miss of the glove the ball made its way to the backstop:

Sox maul Grizzlies 7-3
Don’t look at your glove there Yogi. That’s not to blame here.

When the ball gets by you guess what?

Sox maul Grizzlies 7-3
Well, crap! Nothing left to do now but…

Yup. You get to chase it to the backstop!

Sox maul Grizzlies 7-3
…run and pick it up.
Say hi to the fans while your back there.

Thanks for the entertainment Jon! (Not that we’d do any better  ; )

'Ole! photo jonwhiff.gif

Cosmic Tumblers Have Clicked Into Place

“There comes a time when all the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place and the universe opens itself up a few seconds to show you what’s possible.” Terrance Mann, Field of Dreams

The cosmic tumblers click for me tonight – Bad posture? Check. Mouth-breathing? Check. Fondling a ball? Check. What we have here is perhaps the world’s most perfect picture. I rock!

Hot damn! It’s Derek Zoolander!

And, and! I also got the headshot I’ve been chasing for over a month!

It’s in through the mouth, out through the nose.
The mouth should only be one part of the equation.

If you build it, they will DERP.

Game of Thornburgs

Winter is coming? Yeah, right. Winter never left.

The Sky Sox are back in town starting tonight as they take on the Sacramento River Cats. Tyler Thornburg on the hill for the Sox. Game time is 705pm.

Sky Sox vs Salt Lake Bees - July 3, 2010.  4th of July fireworks game.

After the game there will be a ’80’s Hair Metal Band Firework Extravaganza! Where members of Poison and Warrant will take the field and have a duel to the death armed only with Roman candles and bottle rockets. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!