Tom Landry In The House

Saw Tom Landry in downtown Colorado Springs yesterday walking to the annual pancake breakfast. Sorry about the UFO/Sasquatch quality of the pics. I had to take this shot with my flip-phone (I don’t carry a camera around when I’m not working):

There’s coach Landry, in his grey suit and fedora,
heading up Tejon St. off to grab him some pancakes.
Granted, he died in February of 2000, but as God is my witness, that was Tom Landry wandering around downtown Colorado Springs today.
The undead coach of America’s Team.

What does any of this mean? How the hell am I suppose to know? What I do know is that Tom Landry is alive, and wandering the streets of downtown Colorado Springs and that he seems to have a taste for pancakes (and that I probably should carry a better camera around).