Air Force Hockey’s Tough Road Teat

Looking at the tonight when I saw this tease for Air Force hockey:

Blah; blah; blah; ROAD TEAT!?; blah…

Yeah, they are going to Buffalo this weekend to take on Canisius. So, it should be cold, but ‘Witch’s Teat’ cold? And does the cold make the teat ‘tough’?

Is the ‘Road Teat’ tough because it’s has been on the road so long, or does it have some other affliction?

Hell, maybe Air Force hockey team is full off AG majors and are going on a field trip to get the poop on Winter vs Teats. To us, it just sound kind of weird.

Who knew that Winter was so hard on teats?

Click the above image to read the full article from if you want/need to know more about the age-old battle between Winter and teats. But, unless you run a dairy it’s about as interesting as it sounds.

Or it could have been a typo. Anyways, go Air Force! Beat the Teats Golden Griffins!