G.I. Jason Pridie

This year the Sky Sox added a player who’s fame and exploits off the field by far outshine any success he has had on it. I’m talking about a man with Life-Like Hair and Kung-Fu Grip. I am talking about a Real American Hero. I am talking about Sky Sox centerfielder, G.I. Joe Jason Pridie!

G.I. Joe Jason Pridie before one of his secret missions.
G.I. Joe Jason Pridie before one of his secret missions.

Yo Joe Jason Pridie!
He’ll fight for freedom where ever there’s trouble.
GI Joe Jason Pridie is there.

It’s GI Joe Jason Pridie against Cobra the enemy
Fighting to save the day.
He never gives up.
He’s always there,
Fighting for freedom over land and air.

GI Joe Jason Pridie- A real American hero
GI Joe Jason Pridie is there.

Here is G.I. Joe Jason Pridie transitioning back into civilian life with the Sky Sox.

G.I. Joe Jason Pridie is famous for his many movies, commericals, Saturday morning cartoons and his appearance on the hit TV show The Simpsons. Here he is in his scene with Stacy Lovell:

G.I. Joe Jason: Stacy, please, I must have you back.
Just come for a ride with me in my Mobile Command Unit.
Stacy: Joe Jason, I told you, it’s over. Release me from your Kung-Fu Grip.
G.I. Joe Jason: Fine. I’ll bomb your house into the ground, missy.

Wow! Heavy stuff man. We wish G.I. Joe Jason Pridie all the best here in the Springs. Good luck soldier!

G.I. Joe Jason Pridie in his new ‘camo’ uniform.

Welcome home G.I. Joe Jason Pridie! Thank you for your service to this great country!
Jason Pridie
G.I. Joe Jason Pridie reporting for duty with your Colorado Springs Sky Sox!