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  1. duh-MERZ!

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    February 11, 2014 by paatk

    Air Force swept first place Mercyhurst last weekend with a 5-3 track meet win on Friday and followed up with …
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About PengoSports

Mostly rambling posts on the Colorado Springs/Colorado sports scene, but also crap involving sports that Americans could care less or don’t know anything about, or involve a goat, or something like that.

State of Origin 2024

Rugby League
Queensland v New South Wales

Game I – June 5 Sydney
Game II – June 26 Melbourne
Game III – July 17 Brisbane

Best sporting event of the year, bar none.

Things That Deserve a Good Cobraing

10 Cobras to FIFA for being a corrupt, evil organization.

7 Cobras to the NCAA for being a corrupt, evil organization.

5 Cobras to professional sports owners for blackmailing and holding cities hostage with your vile stadium demands.